Private Dining Brighton

Oki-Nami Japanese Restaurant Brighton

Oki-Nami Offers An Authentic Japanese Private Dining Brighton Experience

At Oki-Nami we embrace our Japanese heritage. Our name means “wave;” it represents who we are as a restaurant, as well as the culinary experience that we offer to private dining Brighton guests. Any surfer will tell you that the experience of catching your first wave is one that lasts a lifetime. At Oki-Nami, we believe that private dining experiences should create memories that last a lifetime. From the opening appetizers to the closing desserts, our traditional Japanese cuisine will transport your taste buds to the coasts of our beloved home country. The ambiance of our restaurant completes the journey and will make you feel as if you have left Brighton for the shores of Japan.

Private Dining Brighton

Discover Environmentally Friendly Private Dining Brighton

At Oki-Nami we believe that great food must be made with a good conscience. That’s why we embrace environmentally friendly dining practices. We wholeheartedly support sustainable fishing practices and are big fans of composting. We also know that the some of the tastiest ingredients are often those that are farmed with ethical practices. In fact, everything on our menu is made from scratch with the highest quality ingredients.

As often as possible we use locally sourced ingredients; we even use herbs directly from our head chef’s garden. It is our belief that your private dining experience in Brighton should be as memorable as it is delicious. From the staff who immerse themselves in learning about Japan’s rich history to delicious delicacies that are made with love, at Oki-Nami we strive to create the perfect private dining experience.

Private Parties For Any Occasion

Whether you are hosting an anniversary party, a special birthday celebration, or treating your entire office to a night on the town, our restaurant is waiting with open doors. The spacious dining area can be customized to meet your specific event needs. From rearranging the furniture to creating customized Japanese menus, we offer an exclusive service that will leave your guests talking about your event for months to come. We invite you to experience a new approach to memorable culinary journeys with a private party hosted at our Brighton restaurant.