Oki-Nami Japanese Restaurant Brighton

Oki-Nami Japanese Restaurant Brighton

Head Chef, Mike Dodd

Head chef and co-owner Mike Dodd is a leading light in Japanese cookery. His stand-out menu includes otsumani (Japanese tapas), main courses, yakisoba, sides, salads and soups, sushi platters, sashimi, a la carte, and home-made desserts.

He is continually experimenting to bring exciting new flavours to the table, with dishes such as matcha green tea ice cream a tempting recent addition to our menu.


Oki-Nami Dinner-Starters


Oki-Nami Dinner-Sushi

Sides and Sushi Platters

Oki-Nami Dinner-Sides and Platters


Oki-Nami Dinner Mains


Oki-Nami Dinner Desserts

True to our heritage

At Oki-Nami, Japanese culture is steeped in everything we do. Our waiters and waitresses will ensure you enjoy the best possible dining experience during your visit and will be on hand to share their knowledge of Japanese culture and cuisine. They can also advise on the best dishes to try based on your preferences and any special dietary requirements.